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Hello to my fellow non-veg-cooking newbies

Here I am with a brand new blog, trying it out on wordpress this time. If you’ve heard of the food blog “Food, In The Main“, you’ll already know who I am. 

For those who know (of) me, I’m starting this blog to keep a record of non-vegetarian recipes, both Indian and otherwise, that I have tried out on my husband, who is as dedicated a non-vegetarian as I am a vegetarian (but, to be fair, we both do sometimes sort of stray, on a mostly tasting basis, into each other’s food territories – me if there is no other way, and he if there are no chillies involved). 

For those who don’t know (of) me, I’m 99% a tastytarian – if it’s tasty and doesn’t look/smell/taste/feel offensive to my senses, I’ll eat it. I’m vegetarian by upbringing and inclination, but religion strictly does NOT come into it. Animal welfare, though, DOES come into it, so I prefer to buy meat/fish etc that have been responsibly and ethically raised/sourced.

I’m very squeamish about eating non-vegetarian things, but I’m not at all that way when it comes to cooking them for my husband and other omnivores. Over the last couple of years, I’ve picked up a little confidence in cooking with some non-vegetarian   things, but I’ve not really got over my fear of being the cause of food poisoning by undercooking meat or chicken or fish (or of causing revolt by overcooking these things and making them inedible). Obviously it doesn’t help that I can’t/won’t taste what I make, so it’s always a case of “Please please please let be allright” when I serve it up to others! 

When I started out baking, I made some mega errors out of sheer ignorance, because the recipes that I followed so faithfully failed to mention some basic things (which I didn’t know) because the bloggers would have – understandably – assumed that they were so basic as to be obvious to everyone. Well, it was everyone minus one. So, for instance, the first time I made lemon drop cookies, I went on and on baking them because they hadn’t crisped up after 8 minutes (as per the recipe), until I ended up with cookies that had melded inextricably with the baking tray, and the tray with its charred contents had to be binned. The basic thing that I hadn’t known, and which the recipe hadn’t mentioned, was that cookies mostly have to be taken out of the oven slightly soft, and crisp up as they cool down!  

Anyway, that’s the sort of basic praticality that I hope to mention in my recipes on this blog, because I’m pretty much a newbie to most non-vegetarian cooking myself. There’s nothing that I’m going to be taking for granted, and I hope that anyone who’s trying out recipes from this blog as a newcomer to non-veg cookery will be able to benefit.