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Smoked haddock and fennel pie


I’m always on the lookout for fish dishes for Pete that seem easy to make, and The Guardian and The Telegraph are my favourite places to scout for them. I adore Wednesdays and Thursdays in The Guardian (because of Angela Hartnett on Wednesdays and Felicity Cloake on Thursdays), and Stevie Parle in The Telegraph (although I’m not as certain about when the recipes appear in the newspaper). I read all the recipes, doable and otherwise, and print off a good few of them. However, my record with making them isn’t as good as my record with printing them, and definitely nowhere near as good as my record at reading them. I suppose I consider myself up on the deal if I manage to make one recipe for every dozen printed off. This was one of those that made it from newspaper to printout to plate.
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Pan-fried garlicky sardines

I’m very nervous when it comes to cooking fish. Most of them take so little time to cook… and there seems to be such a narrow window of opportunity for that perfect moment between undercooked and overcooked fish. Plus there’s the added anxiety of getting the side dishes ready at the same time as the fish so that there’s no waiting for one or the other. (But this could well be just MY problem.)

Anyway, I bought three medium sardines for Pete’s supper yesterday. The fishmonger at Morrisons kindly beheaded the fish on request and cleaned out the guts. The bones, however, were very much in the fish. They were tiny but definitely hard enough to make their presence felt. I was kind of worried about this, but Pete assured me that it was not a problem, that he would eat the fish carefully, and that yes, most fish-lovers would eat around the bones, picking them out as they went along. It seemed (and I continue to feel that way) like a heck of a lot of trouble to go to – but evidently most people are not as lazy as me!┬áBesides, according to Pete, sardines are very very tasty fish.

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